Great Manager

A foundational step-by-step guide on acquiring and enhancing leadership and people management skills

The intensive “Great Manager” program incorporates microlearning principles to enhance your management team’s skills with 25 practical tools for effective people management and leadership. It establishes fundamental principles for managing personnel and teams in real-world scenarios.

Helps individuals:

  • Define clear, achievable, and motivating objectives for your teams, considering the strategic priorities of the company.
  • Facilitate efficient communication within the team and with other stakeholders, utilizing transparent and comprehensible methods.
  • Delegate operational tasks, focusing on business needs.
  • Effectively plan and allocate tasks, ensuring the optimal utilization of resources while taking into account the individual strengths of team members.
  • Employ successful continuous improvement approaches to reach objectives.
  • Utilize various motivational strategies to encourage high productivity and team involvement.
  • Navigate changes through the active involvement of the team, grounded in mutual trust.

Skills to be developed:

  • Leadership and Navigation
  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Effective Communication
  • Delegation
  • Relationship Management
  • Change Management
  • Building Trust and Personal Accountability.


classroom, microcourse, online

Target Audience

Group Managers, Team Leaders, Mentors, High potential specialists for managerial roles