About Us

Who We Are?

Learning is an adventure, while realizing one’s full potential is a journey. APT is a human potential investment agency that provides a comprehensive approach to guide and encourage people and organisations on that journey. We believe that intelligent, well-educated and talented people create changes in the society, organisations and the world for peaceful future.

Therefore, we see our mission in navigating talents and organisations in their exciting prospective journey giving them trusted guidance and insightful solutions that help them overcome the obstacles, solve their problem, and prepare for change.

Our Goals

Investing in people through nutrition, health care, quality education, jobs and skills which help develop human capital, end extreme poverty, and create more inclusive societies.
Helping organisations to strengthen their capabilities through using our expertise for TA&M processes assessment and improvement.

Ukrainian economy restoration through people’s intellect, knowledge and skills.

Our Values

Humanity that means for us caring for others, respecting a person and its dignity. If organisations want to hire the best in the market, they need to have a “human face”.

Proficiency that is a cocktail where the ingredients are a strong expertise, commitment, and responsibility.

Flexibility that makes it possible to see the invisible, to move the intangible, and to create what has no form.

Freedom that gives the opportunity to see and pursue distant horizons.

Why APT?

Partnering with APT, you will gain:

1. A trusted partner with the proven reputation on the market.

2. Strong commitment we always follow.

3. Ethic business conduct.

4. Excellence in execution.

5. Deep dive into the problem statement.

6. Complex solution that solves the clients’ problem.

7. Transparency in communication.

8. Flexible cross-partnership approach: even if this service is absent from our service catalog, we will discover it and provide you with a solution or reference who will help.

9. Honesty in collaboration: if there is no possibility to help a client with his problem, we will say it straight and promptly.


Mariia Kot

Mariia is a seasoned expert in IT and education.
• More than 8 years of proven experience in managing effective and efficient operations, acquisition and managing world-class software engineers for international high-tech companies in Ukraine.
• Member of the Experts’ Committee at Ukrainian Veterans Foundation.
• Lecturer at UCU Business School in HRM and People Management.
• SHRM-SCP-certified,
• SHRM-PMQ-certified specialist.
• Expert at the HR Pro Awards of HR Association of Ukraine
• Expert in Dnipro IT Research, a complex analytical study of the IT industry in the region.
• Signatory of the technological pact and ambassador of the «Women in STEM development»
• For 4 years, she managed the sector of business interaction in IT Dnipro Community and was a member of the Supervisory Board of the organisation.
• An author of LearnIT, a career guidance program for talented youth at IT Dnipro Community. Also, she was a project leader for 4 years.

Oleksandra Alkhimovych

Oleksandra has a diverse experience in IT, education, and public sector:
• More than 10 years of broad experience in effective management of international IT companies in Ukraine.
• University teacher in the direction of personnel management and labor economics.
• Academic Leader at UCU Business School, direction “Personnel Management and Organizational Design”, Master degree.
• Expert in strategic development at UkraineInvest, advisory institution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
• Co-Chairman of the IT Committee at American Chamber of Commerce.
• Member of the Board of Directors at the IT Association of Ukraine.
• 4 years of experience in training the management staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of Leadership and People Management.
• Expert and research participant at analytical study of the conditions provided to military personnel in the Armed Forces.
• Signatory of the technological pact and ambassador of the «Women in STEM development». Technological pact signed together with the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine.
• CIPD- certified specialist.
• Participant of the Harvard Business School training program.
• TOP 20 Successful Women in the area of new technologies in Ukraine.
• The Best Business Woman of Ukraine 2021